Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Wet and wild on the 6th, there were a few salmon coming off the tides with most of the action toward the evening. The trout fishing remains challenging to say the least, a wet day forecast tomorrow. A very interesting day on the 7th, there were some good fish coming in off the afternoon tide and very much on the take, also a lot of fish dropping back down the river. The water levels began to rise during the afternoon by around six inches or so. The trout fishing remains impossible at the moment due to the unsettled conditions despite the very good water.

With the rise of levels, the fish that had populated the lower reaches have lifted and moved upstream on the 8th leaving the lower areas seemingly void of salmon. It was much the same story for the 9th; the weather forecast is very wet for the evening and the next day with heavy winds.

The Eden on the 10th is holding its level steady for the morning and the water very clear despite the rain overnight, very unsettled weather today with more heavy rain to come. Another quiet day for the river with one small period late morning when things began to happen before the next front came through and spoiled that once more. There are salmon showing on a regular basis above Carlisle but are not interested. This has been the same story on most rivers this season and not just peculiar to the Eden, it is all down to the abnormal weather conditions that have just never been settled for more than a day or two in succession. Into the evening and a few of the tributaries are beginning to swell and the river has begun to rise.

Two foot of extra water with colour from the rain that fell overnight on the 10th, the middle river is still fly fishable today but the lower not so good at present but spinnable. Up to present there have been over twenty salmon at twenty pound or over this season so far (reported!).


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