Wednesday, 5 September 2012


It is good to see the Eden in great shape for the start of September after all the high waters, there has been a definite feel of autumn in the air the last few days. The middle river is in perfect fly fishing ply and with fish moving through and some willing takers among them. The lower river is just less than two feet above summer level with a little colour but dropping and clearing, fish have been taken on the spinner.

4 004

On the 2nd the river although seemed in very good order remained very quiet. The water temperature is at 58oF with a warm south westerly breeze, good clarity and a perfect height for the middle river. Very little in the way of hatches, the odd large dark olive and stonefly, but nothing to get the trout motivated. The lower river is almost there with clarity and height, the forecast for the week seems to be settled. With good tides and lower water the fishing should really pick up this week around and below Carlisle. We have had far too much of a running water for salmon eight weeks in succession now and a lot of fish have gone straight through the lower beats without stopping. There are still the odd good sea trout turning up between four and five pounds.

4 020

The water is just perfect for the fly on the middle beats on the 3rd, although there is a few salmon showing interest with some fish between 15 and 20 pound and the odd grilse, it is very quiet for this time of the season. The trout are playing hard ball with very little surface activity even when there are good amounts of caddis and stone fly on the water. The lower river is still a little on the high side but clearing all the while. A few fish to the spinner and fly off the lower beats near high tide times.

4 024

Much the same story as the day before, the day is bright and very breezy with the wind from the north-west on the 4th. The river has held its level steady; a drop in water height and a settling period may just start the ball rolling again.

4 003

Another fine day on the 5th, great looking fly water now up and down the river but still very quiet for the time of year.