Sunday, 16 September 2012


The middle river had cleared a little overnight and into the morning on the 11th, but with the heavy showers it was on the up and very coloured by the afternoon once more. It was the same pattern on the 12th. By the 13th the middle river is shaping up nicely and a good fly water. There have been plenty of fish going through the river and many are settling higher up the system just below the Eamont area. The lower river today is at one foot six inches and clearing. There were a few fish off the tide and it should be decent fly water by the afternoon tomorrow weather permitting.

4 019

The afternoon of the 14th the river began to colour and rise, a very peaceful afternoon with not too many fish bothering anglers. The river rose into the evening and peaked during the night. On the 15th the middle river began to clear a little and the water was fly fishable, the lower river retained much colour but there were few salmon taken on the spinner. Good remnants of olive spinners from the night before during the morning when the wind was non-existent, probably brook duns, this dissipated when a strong breeze developed. A very quiet day for both the salmon and trout on the river, warm and sunny but a mackerel sky approaches.

Much better water conditions on the 15th and with a few fish moving through the beats, it is encouraging. Good hatches of large dark olives, stone fly and caddis and some trout activity. The winds were variable today as one front after another came through the county dropping some heavy showers amongst them. The water temperature is at 54oF and the levels fluctuating from ten to twenty inches each day.