Thursday, 20 March 2014


Water temperature for the second week of March is 6oC. A couple of windless and warm sunny days on the 11th and 12th made the Eden Valley a nice and pleasant place to be, it was not to last very long as a stiff wind got up in Cumbria and was bitterly cold with it. This had suppressed all insect activity with just the odd large dark coming off the water in the more sheltered pools. The river is in good shape and clear at around one foot above summer level at present.


On the night of the 19th gale force winds are arriving with a heavy front and more rain which undoubtedly will scupper the much looked forward to weekend. Not all bad news though, there have been six salmon reported from Carlisle to Wetheral the last week when the conditions were favourable, it is really the first time the river has been fishable since the season began.


Water temperature is now at 8oC with big tides this week.