Thursday, 27 February 2014


I am still looking forward to having something positive to say about our wonderful weather!

Due to persistent rain fall throughout the whole month the river had never really dropped in to any sort of ply for fly fishing. A great shame as the Eden does enjoy a spring run of fish and there should have been a few recorded by now. This winter there has not been the cold weather we have experienced over the last few years, consequently the warmer water temperature would favour fish running a little higher up the system earlier than usual. The weather does seem to be settling down gradually and it should be interesting to see what happens during March. The new trout season is only two weeks away, if the water conditions are good with some good large dark olive hatches and the odd March brown about sport should be excellent.


Middle river.

Weather-wise it has been very disappointing so far, the water is high but running clear, as soon as the river loses two feet things will begin to happen.