Tuesday, 9 July 2013


The water temperature during the daytime is now reaching 70oF, the trout fishing is still fairly productive in the morning periods and then in to late evening as it cools. It looks like the high pressure is set for a while over the country and thus little change for a time, the doldrums.

On the Eden today with Andrew who was a complete novice at fly fishing, I do not like to get peoples expectations too high on such days where you would think we were in the tropics and be happy to take a dip in the river to cool down a little. Andrew made a fine job of the Spey casting and then began fishing a small PT nymph on a very long leader.


Very low and clear water, the river bed was illuminated, no hatches, it was not inspiring.


But the fish were there and quite willing considering the circumstances.


Four fish landed and a few lost and a few missed it was not a bad morning.


We did some overhead casting in the afternoon fishing a small sedge, after two takes the heat really got up and the river eventually shut down, nice work Andrew I hope that you take this wonderful sport up!