Thursday, 4 July 2013


Despite some heavy showers over the last few days the river has only fluctuated an inch or two with the dry ground soaking up most of the rain. When the skies have been overcast along with the cooling downpours the trout fishing has been on fire, as soon as the sun appears and air temperatures rise the action grinds to a halt.


On the better weather days anglers making early and late visits on low light are having some wonderful fishing. The sea trout are there in small pods, I did hear of one at around twelve pounds this week although that is an exceptional fish by any standards. The bigger brown trout are far more active on dusk with some really hefty specimens coming to sedge dries and nymphs.


Small tides at the present which are not bringing many fish in, as they rise over the next few days this should change, again with the low water the salmon are tending to hang around the lower river with a few running in the darkness to middle beats. There have been several salmon taken above Carlisle this last week between seven and eleven pounds to various methods. The river at present is low and clear but with more water than most.


A good wild brown trout.

On the water with John and John today, at the start there was rain, very overcast and breezy but the fishing was good. As we arrived there were a few fish showing along with a salmon and a couple of sea trout, we were there to fish for brown trout.


The action continued on nymphs right through the morning until around one pm.


The warm air came with strength along with bright sunshine and that was that! Still a great mornings fishing with some cracking trout and all returned safely.