Saturday, 8 June 2013


Dry and warm weather at last, a typical and very welcome summer for once, the hawthorn has just come into blossom. The river level is dropping and the water very clear, the hatches now are getting more sporadic as the air and water temperatures rise.

OllyOlly 010

Ollie's fist ever fish!

OllyOlly 007

Ollie's Granddad

There is great sport to be had for those in the right place at the right time in the middle of the day, there have been some terrific trout caught on both nymph and dries.

VicenteNieves 018

It is getting to the point now where fishing early and late in the day are the most productive times, there is certainly a good head of trout in the pools.

VicenteNieves 008

With the Eden at summer height the sea trout are staying longer on the lower river pools, fishing in the dark if there is remaining cloud cover is proving very worthwhile with some very good sized specimens taken.

During the 4th we are now in the middle of high pressure system for the next week or so, the wind direction is mostly easterly, although this easterly air is warm it is having a negative effect on the fish.

There have been many fine salmon caught over the last week up to seventeen pounds on the lower river to the fly, fish are coming in on most tides and the numbers building. On certain days there are fish rolling everywhere and other days when bright and cloudless skies persist you would think that there was not a fish in the river.