Thursday, 30 May 2013


PaulJen 008

Jennifer with her first wild brown trout

The rain on Monday did not affect the levels to any extent with most of the downpours out to the west of the county. The river conditions are as good as they can be at present, clear water and cool enough with levels just above summer level.

The hatches of large, medium and small darks, uprights and brook duns are continuing throughout most of the day, the first of the yellow may duns have appeared and there are good spinner falls in the evenings.

The air temperature has warmed somewhat and has helped with the surface activity of the brown trout; some good sport is to be had with flies like Adams, Greenwell glory and spent patterns.

The tides are now dropping off from the end of the month; there have been good numbers of salmon and small sea trout entering the river. Fish that have not been in the river that long are showing themselves well above Lazonby.

PaulJen 012

The dry weather is at last set to continue for the next few days in to June, this will enhance the trout fishing throughout the Eden, improve the fishing on the lower Eden for salmon with the fish staying longer in the pools but at the detriment to the salmon fishing on the middle river, you cannot have it all ways!