Friday, 24 May 2013


A massive flood due to heavy rainfall on the 18th, there is over two meters of extra water coming down the river with heavy colour. By the 19th the middle river is clearing and dropped to within one foot of summer level, the lower river was still too high to fish until the 22nd.

Steady numbers of fish coming off most tides, although the water height is settled now and the water clear the salmon are still intent on running as far upstream as they can. Some good fresh fish caught as far up as Penrith on the fly. Cool and strong north west winds on the 23rd and then north east winds on the following day are not helping with conditions for surface feeding trout at present. The Grannom have been finished now for over a week but there are good hatches still continuing of large dark olives and false march browns.

Make the most of the warmer weather due for the weekend of the 25th as this is followed by a front coming in on Monday.

Eden 073

A beautiful twelve pound fish for my very good friend Mike Cooney on the middle river taken on a Boyo fly.