Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Brass monkey weather

Snow melt and light rain are causing the river levels to fluctuate around a foot or so during the third week of the month. There is still plenty of snow on the higher ground to come in and the temperatures for the time of year are a little on the cold side.

The trout fishing which began on the 15th is pretty good at present even though the water is still on the cool side at 3oC; the fish are in good condition and have over wintered well. A team of spiders with a heavy nymph for an anchor on the point is very effective. There are periods throughout the day when flurries of Large Darks are coming off and the fish are responding, especially to a Klinkhamer.

A few more salmon caught this week on the Eden with the biggest at thirteen pounds and an eleven pound fish just above Carlisle at Warwick hall. Carlisle Angling Association on the lower Eden has had a few salmon of late; those who are willing to venture out are getting some sport on both fly and spinner.


Good friend of mine Allan from Essex.

Historically over the last twenty years or so of salmon running patterns, it is during the third week of March that the salmon begin to enter the river in greater numbers. It is a time after the equinox when the temperatures and day light hours are on the rise, but…….once again to upset things the weather is set to get colder with strong winds, minus eight temperatures and snow  forecast by the end of the week on the 22nd.