Monday, 18 March 2013

AAPGAI instructor training weekend

The AAPGAI instructor training weekend held at the beautiful Lazonby Estate beat on the river Eden in Cumbria this March was well attended with five very enthusiastic participants from all over the UK. Alan Davies and Andrew Rawle from Wales, David Buley a ghillie from Gordon Castle on the Spey, John Pape from the Tees and Derek Kelly were all very good company and showed great improvement and immense potential throughout the weekend. It was unusual that all the group wanted to improve their double handed fly casting skills as there is usually a mix of both. The weekend is designed to allow potential instructors (and also fly casters who want to improve their skills) to experience and see just what is involved on the journey to becoming a fully qualified instructor and what is expected of them.

openday 001

Clive Mitchelhill and Glyn Freeman ran through the various aspects of the programme from health and safety, suitable equipment, teaching methodology and all the cast and how to explain them that are in the current syllabi. Although the weather was not the best, in between snow showers, periods of sunshine and bitter winds to contend with, there were plenty of hot drinks on hand, all enjoyed and got something from it and the weekend was quite a success. By the Sunday afternoon the group were individually able to explain, demonstrate and describe casts in great detail very competently, it was a pleasure to witness. All the group bonded together and got on well, the venue was perfect for the casting and hopefully we will see the group become members at some point in the future.

openday 003

A very big thank you to Lazonby Estate all who attended from AAPGAI, for Clive and myself it was an absolute pleasure to have such good company and watch such progress. We intend to run another possibly in November after some request to do so at the same venue if the demand is there, please let us know if you are interested.