Tuesday, 15 January 2013


The weather and water conditions for the beginning of the new salmon season just could not have been more perfect. Although the air temperatures never really got above 2oC this afternoon after a minus 3oC start, it was just a joy to be out on the river today. Even with the water the way we would like and the sunshine, the fish kept their heads down.

Eden 001

Not much sign of any kelts or new fish today probably due to the low air temperatures, but that could all change in an instant as it has in the past.  The river is looking very clean and not too much damage from all the floods during the winter to repair.

At Beaumont the old tree which had stood there for many a decade has finally taken the plunge!


Eden 011It looks a bit of a disaster at the minute, but it seems like that there is a new pool being created from it which could be very interesting later given its position.

Eden 006

I was happy to see that all the plantings have survived that were done with all the volunteers from the Woodland Trust last November. If the weather behaves for a while, the season and fish movements will develop nicely.

Eden 004

We have a few vacant rods available for this season if anyone is interested, given the conditions (not the ones we had last year due to floods) the fishing can be very productive, more details on -