Sunday, 30 December 2012

That’s just about it for another year.

Not a great deal to talk about unfortunately for the second half of December with all the high and coloured water. The mild temperatures for the time of year are bringing in the wet weather one front after another off the Atlantic. The lower and middle river has never really settled enough to get at it in any meaningful way. There have been more very high winds and high water over the last few days which are not helping matters. Trying to make any necessary river bank repairs and various tasks on the river have been proving very difficult this last few weeks. There are drier and cooler conditions forecast for next week, let us hope that is the case.

The new salmon season starts in less than three weeks on January 15th (weather permitting!).

When the salmon fishing carries on until the end of November on rivers in Scotland like the Annan, Nith and Tweed, the close season can seem happily to be a very short one.

If the water conditions are not too high and coloured on the 15th, there should be a good chance of a fish anywhere on the lower river from below Armathwaite to the tidal Beaumont area.

There are no special flies required, Willie Gunn, Yellow and Black tubes or size 6 doubles in the same colours and Spring Boyo will do nicely. It is not even necessary for a full sunk line; a sink tip will be plenty to get the fishing depth required.




It certainly has been a very wet year and one that I hope is never repeated. We will soon have the spring fishing and warmer weather to look forward to, the daylight hours are now getting a little longer each day. The fishing in the spring for both trout and salmon over the last few years has been world class and not to be missed.

To round up this year, I would like to thank everyone I know, the many that I have had the pleasure to have worked and fished with, the people who take the time to read these reports,


all the very best of health and happiness for 2013.