Tuesday, 9 October 2012


The Eden is up again with two meters of flood water on the 3rd, there is some dry weather predicted (they have been saying that for some time now!) toward the end of the week. More heavy rain overnight on the 4th has brought the river up big and brown on the 5th just as it was coming good. By the 7th both lower and middle river is at last good to go with the conditions and beautiful fly water. The forecast is set dry until the end of the season so there are no excuses about wrong conditions for fishing. The only problem is that the river may have already received its quota of fish that have arrived early with all of the high waters the Eden has experienced this summer, we shall see. Today on the river it has been quiet with the odd fish showing, but saying that there has been a fish of twenty five pounds taken on the fly from the middle Eden. Certainly a very nice and pleasant couple of days to be out on the river with this stranger called sunshine.

91012 003

During the 8th and 9th the river is running at around a foot and a half above summer level and extremely clear, ideal conditions you would think.

91012 010

Very few fish coming of the small tides at present even though conditions are good, the water temperature is at 44oF. The lower and lower middle river pools seem vacated with most of the salmon residing above Langwathby at present where there have been quite a few fish taken to the fly.

Another fish in excess of twenty taken today on the 9th making the total of “twenties” caught now to just over thirty fish.

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