Tuesday, 21 August 2012


A heavy band of rain is passing through the county during the afternoon of the 15th. This is much needed not so much to get the salmon moving but to clear the river bed of the sediment washed down from the Appleby area last week. A quiet day on the river with the dropping glass and should improve after the weather front has gone through.

Better movements of salmon off each tide now, there are still grilse coming in along with some larger fish on the 16th. Heavy showers persist and the wind either standing still or gusting from the south, very humid and little in the way of hatches.

Bigger tides building up this week, on the 17th the tide is pushing a couple of miles upstream and bringing fish with it. More heavy showers but this has not affected the river levels so far the last two days up to late this evening.

Different story on the 18th, a big volume of flood water has made its way down the Eden Valley overnight and put paid to any thoughts of getting on the water today. A much needed flush through after last week’s deposition of sediment from upstream.

The river is now fining down and much better prospects hopefully lie ahead barring anymore rainfall, although that seems a slim chance with the weather pattern we are experiencing. Another rise of levels on the 19th due to rain in the early hours, there is much colour and flotsam.

During the afternoon of the 20th the levels are dropping to a nice height on the middle river and clearing. Very quiet at present with no fish movements, this may take place when the lower river clears a little more.

RichardM 001

On the 21st the middle river is in perfect ply at around a foot above, good clarity and improving by the hour.

RichardM 008

Out with my very good friend Richard, little reward for a lot of fine casting, that's fishing!

Still very quiet with fish movements but we are at the time of the season now where things should begin to happen in a big way soon.