Sunday, 26 August 2012


The conditions now on the middle river 22nd are just superb; the lower river had a small rise of a few inches today from the localised showers. The tides have been building this week, then dropping off after the weekend.

Another small rise in levels due to rainfall, this has put some heavy colour especially on the lower river on the 23rd, a very quiet day.

Dick Ian

By the 24th the middle river is now running at just under a foot and clear; it is very nice fly water at present. The trout today are having a go and some nice fish have been taken on both wet and dry flies along with some good grayling. There is plenty of activity, caddis and olives are in abundance. Out on the water with my good friend Ian and two American angling friends Dick and Dave, a good day, fantastic company, great scenery, saw a few salmon going through and caught a couple of trout.


There have been some good salmon and grilse movements through all of the beats and fish are once more coming off the tides.


More rain early on the 25th and the river is beginning to rise slowly and colour. Overnight and into the 26th there has been a rapid rise which has put paid to any thoughts of fishing, unfortunately there is more heavy rain due the next day also. Our great British weather, sometimes you just cannot win!