Tuesday, 14 August 2012


The middle river on the 7th was in very good fly fishing order with some good fish movements, the lower river still remains with some colour.

Conditions improving all the time during the 8th, the levels are falling in nicely. The lower river is still holding some colour but a nice fly fishing height now. Although it has been dry weather for three days now there was a lot of peaty water that came in above Carlisle on the 9th, this may have been from workings on the river bank upstream. This had spoilt the fishing for many today; the weather is set fair for the following couple of days now. There are low tides this period but with little fish movement off them during the day.

BertWolfgang 009

The river levels have now finally dropped in to summer low which is ideal to hold the fish for the lower beats at last. Alas there seems to have been a minor disaster upstream somewhere; either a land slip or workings on the river have put in a heavy peat stain and sediment. This has spoiled the fishing for the last three days and investigations are ongoing to find the cause.

BertWolfgang 001

Better water on the 13th and very clear on the middle river, a few fish showing themselves and much more trout movement now. I took a day out with my very good friend Bert and Wolfgang from Germany on the middle river, Bert got into a salmon in the morning which left the water and came off unfortunately. We saw a couple of fish but that was the only action during the day, even on slow days on the river it is good to spend them with friends.

By the 14th the whole river is now clear, the trout and grayling once more are having a go. There is plenty of stonefly along with some good evening activity; the water quality must be suiting the fish at present. A little quiet on the salmon front with just the odd grilse making an appearance, with the bright day and low water the evening is a much better prospect for the salmon angler.