Sunday, 5 August 2012


Rain on the last day of July gave the water a small lift of around four inches on the 1st August; this was enough to entice a few fish moving from the estuary and through the lower beats. Some good fish to around sixteen pounds and a few grilse caught today; the trout are still not playing ball yet though.


Another small rise of water overnight from heavy showers has put a little unwanted peat stain to the water; the 2nd was very quiet on the lower river today.

A few fish were seen coming off the tide today during the afternoon of the 3rd. There has been a mixture of grilse in the four to six pound range and salmon in the mid-teens caught, mainly to the spinner. The lower river is still holding some colour and as the showers prevail this will continue. The water level is at one foot eight below Carlisle and the water temperature at 58oF.


The level has now dropped to one foot three today on the 4th, the colour is gradually beginning to clear, a nice height for most techniques. The biggest tides were today and they will start to drop off through this week, hopefully around the three quarter moon will bring a good run in from the estuary. This of course is barring anymore hefty showers which are forecast again that may put paid to any thoughts on fishing; an all too frequent story for this summer.


The river has risen once more overnight, really heavy colour in the lower parts below the Irthing making things impossible. Above Carlisle there is very good fly water and fish movements, more thundery localised showers persist.

Lower Eden 006

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