Sunday, 22 April 2012

River Eden.

The levels rose at just under three feet during the afternoon on the 19th bringing with it much colour and flotsam, more heavy localised showers are forecast for the next few days.
On the 21st the water has now dropped to a foot above summer level but has quite a heavy tint to it. Even so the trout fishing on the surface is outstanding due to the good hatches and higher air temperatures. A few Hawthorn flies are making an appearance today; there is still a lot of large stonefly and olives.
jimmike 026
The salmon activity has slowed somewhat since the last rise.Out on the water with very good friends Jim and Mike on the lower Eden, plenty of bird life to see and the ubiquitous otters.
Another small rise of water on the 22nd, this is dropping the temperature of the water on occasions and with these fluctuations it is unsettling the fish a little.
Vincente 012
One or two salmon are showing here and there going through the pools and a few herling are beginning to show up again. Enormous hatches of Grannom and still good numbers of olives.
Vincente 004
Water temperature is at 49oF and the low pressure is still hanging around the UK for a while yet.