Monday, 30 April 2012


The 23rd started quite warm in the morning; brown trout were rising freely until the cool breeze got up in the afternoon, the air temperature took a nose dive and stopped any sport dead in its tracks. The lower river has a very heavy peat tint with a little suspension; the middle river is much clearer.
The 24th was quite a different story, a light warm upstream zephyr just kept the trout feeding all day long and well into the evening; very enjoyable. It is good to see that a few salmon are showing interest on the lower and middle river; a very high average weight of fish for this season as there have been on other rivers also.

 A good day out with Bill.

25th all change with very strong north easterly winds; the river is in very good ply at around ten inches above summer level, there is now only a slight tint to the water. Although there were cool stiff winds taking the tops off the waves, still the Grannom and olives were emerging and the trout very obliging when good presentation could be achieved. Small tides at present with little salmon activity, there are more heavy showers to come.

By the afternoon on the 26th the lower river had risen by almost three feet carrying a lot of suspension and that was that for the day.
The first of the swifts arrived today on the 27th

The levels are falling nicely but still very coloured on the lower river, the middle river is much clearer. Still the north and east winds prevail keeping things cool. The 29th April the water is looking very good and in perfect ply for the fly fisherman. 

A big band of rain coming north today leaving floods to the south of the country, although much rain fell on Cumbria the river levels only rose a couple of inches. At present on the 30th with the water at 48oF, good numbers of fish in the river and a drier week ahead, hopefully conditions may settle and consistent sport will resume.