Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Reports of more large salmon caught on the Eden this week, a few in the high teens and one in particular at thirty two pounds! This spring has got to be one of the best we have had for many years; there has always been a good number of salmon enter the Eden early in the year but this has far surpassed anyone’s expectations for the sheer quality. There seems to be a good head of fish far up the river as the Lazonby area, most fish have been taken on the fly. A small rise of five inches of water overnight with the heavy showers has given a clear rise. This should encourage more fish in from the estuary on what is now pretty close to perfect fly water.


The cool air temperature today on the 18th, not rising much above the water temperature has suppressed the hatches a little but the surface and sub-surface activity although not as good as the last few days is still pretty impressive.


There were today good flurries of large darks, the odd iron blue and quite a few caddis coming off the water. Kick samples on the river bed are showing very good quantities of most species, this tells a big story of the quality of water the Eden has at present.


More showers forecast for the rest of the week , have two very good friends for the next three days, we shall see what happens!