Thursday, 10 March 2011

Patagonia week 9

Week 9. 

Hosted and organised by Illtyd Griffiths.

Illtyd, Jamie, Brian, Neil, Mike, Clive, Phil (Dobbin), Phil (Lord Boot) and Ed.
Guides- Stephan 2, Juan Manuel, Hernan, Diego and Stephan 1.

We just had fun from the very first minute, it does not matter what the fishing maybe like when you arrive, if you are in a group that know each other and nobody takes offence, it is a great part of the holiday.

But as it happened, although the water was on the low side and the wind direction variable, the group still did okay though (most had been before), it certainly was not easy, and the single handed rods with twenty odd foot leaders and small flies were used most of the time which was great fun. 

Ed with Hernan

Jamie did very well with surface lures all week on the single hander.

Dobbins fishing partner.

There were a number of big fish lost also this week which often happens.

Mike with a good fish on dark.

And brother Clive (the fish magnet), Mikes fishing partner who did exceptionally well during the week with all big fish.

Neil was also enjoying himself with two twenty pounders for the week amongst others.

  Lord Boot of Stoke releasing a good fish.

Ed and Phil who were fishing partners.

Phil (Dobbin) with a fresh fish.

My fishing partner Clint Griffith with a large brown.

Neil's fishing partner Brian with a silver sea trout.

What a cracking week and what great fun, five fish over twenty pounds for the group and plenty in the teens. Had the water been right it would have been ridiculous, but who wants it easy! Everyone had a ball, and the guides and staff as usual were fantastic.

A big thank you to everyone who came with us and to the Loop camp!

Cannot wait for next year!