Thursday, 26 August 2010

River Eden

It has been a week of mixed fortunes, before the rise of water last Friday there were plenty of fish on the lower river arriving and willing to have a go. My good friends on our syndicate got five and lost a couple on the fly.
The water then coloured up and rose three feet with a heavy peat tint on the Saturday, it began to fine down and drop during the week. By today it is now at just above summer level with a slight tint. Did not see many fish showing throughout today, but out with my friend Ed, between us we managed to get attached to seven fish.

Ed playing the first fish of the day and christening his new rod into the bargain as well. Although there were anglers spinning on the opposite bank, it was the fly that did the business today.

Right off the tide a cock fish of eight pounds on a Boyo. Ed also got a couple more bright grilse that were returned.

Happy days!