Monday, 9 August 2010

River Eden

It has certainly been a strange period on the Eden of late, although there are plenty of grilse and salmon entering the river, they are reluctant takers. The grilse seem intent on running the lower river but they are not quite getting to the middle beats in any serious numbers. The levels are fluctuating with the showers we are receiving this week and there is a peaty stain with clarity which does not seem to suit the fish that much. the forecast remains unsettled for the coming week.
The trout and grayling fishing is struggling a little during the day but is good in the evening, the sea trout seem very well spread out on the Eden now.

Yesterday David and Alfie fished with me on the middle river, although their casting was excellent only small trout were caught and a good'un lost. Alfie beat his dad eleven nil! Did not see many fish show at all that day.

Nathan and Sarah from Conset fished very hard today for both trout and salmon, for all their efforts they were rewarded for a few small trout, with the peaty stain it was difficult. The river at the middle beats is just hovering around the summer level mark.

More rain forecast tonight and tomorrow, the fish are maybe waiting for a little rise to get them higher up the river.