Friday, 11 June 2010

River Eden

Rain eventually came on the 6th and 7th June along with stiff east winds, but with the growing season in full swing and the ground so dry, the majority of water disappeared into the ground and just putting a meagre four inches into the Eden. Not quite enough water to make any salmon move but welcome none the less.
Ed and myself were on the river Tweed for three days and that was exactly the same, not a sign of a salmon anywhere to be seen, but there seems to be plenty of good sea trout in the lower beats of the river though.
Borderlines in conjunction with the S&TA did a day on the Eden in Rickerby Park courtesy of CAA with High Hesket school yesterday, the weather was good and the people who attended were very well behaved and enjoyed themselves.
Watching the water on the lower river Eden today there was very little movement of anything although there are a good head of trout and sea trout in, sometimes if you are quiet you can watch some of the bigger trout hitting the minnows in the shallow water of the margins. Today I saw a few fish making bow waves into the thinner water, only this time they were not chasing minnows but trying to get as far away from an otter which was pursuing them. These sights we sometimes see are are priceless, and probably a very good reason why some of us like to go fishing, just an excuse to be by a lovely river.
Tomorrow Clive and myself are back on the Nith for the weekend with Dumfries and Galloway Anglers, I think the weather is set pretty fair for the next few days.