Sunday, 6 June 2010

River Eden

The trout fishing has been rather slow on the Eden during the daytime the first week of June due to the low flows and high temperatures unless you are willing to fish into the darkening. There is good sport to be had, the brown trout fishing this spring has been second to none when the conditions have been right. Salmon fishing is poor at present with the fish just nosing in from the estuary and dropping back again. Today is the first day of the rains to come and the week is forecast to be unsettled, this maybe is the  time for the long overdue flush out of the river which is very much needed just to get rid of the algae and ever increasing blanket weed. The first week or so of June often see the larger salmon enter the Eden and the sea trout alongside, if the conditions permit, a good rise of water and then clearing and fining down, it should be nothing less than outstanding and  re-invigorate the brown trout fishing also.
Just spent the weekend after being invited with Clive on the river Nith with Dumfries and Galloway Angling Association helping some of their members with fly casting techniques, a great bunch of enthusiastic people. We had to cut the day short on the Sunday afternoon with the threat of being struck by lightning as it was all around with some hefty showers on the hills. Off to the Tweed with Ed for three days on Monday, I just hope that they have had rain there also to get some fish moving up otherwise I shall have to enjoy some of the fine trout fishing the Tweed has to offer.