Friday, 18 June 2010

River Eden

We have been doing a few youth days over the last week, one a pilot scheme for the S&TA, a  day for a school on the Eden and classroom and a couple of schools at Port William. Fished the river a few times since then and I have to say that very little in the way of water conditions has changed of late. The trout fishing is still slow unless you are there in the evening or fishing very small flies during the day. Out with Dave today, north wind, bright sunshine, it was all against him but he did a grand job!

The algae growth is getting pretty serious and the bloom in the water increasing, there are plenty of invertebrates on the river bed but not much coming off at present. I was on the lower river today and did see quite a few salmon showing there, these were fresh fish off the tide but not running. The tides are big enough this week to maybe lift a couple of fish further up the lower beats and away from the estuary nets and predators. The night fishing for sea trout is not spectacular as it should be due to the cloudier water, once we get a decent flood to wash this away and cool things down it should be business as usual. I think most rivers in the UK are struggling with the same problem at the minute, just need some serious rain.
Water temperature 60oF.