Friday, 14 May 2010

River Eden

The rain of late has by-passed the Eden catchment and filled some of the rivers on the other side of the Solway, the Eden still remains at six inches below summer level. I had to cancel two salmon courses on the middle river due to the low water, although the river is in pristine condition there is just not enough water to bring the salmon up at present.
We cannot have everything, the way the water is right now is just about right for some really good trout and sea trout fishing. There have been some outstanding hatches of many species which is really turning the fish on.

The weather has been variable blowing hot and cold, I think we have one day of westerlies in two weeks of north and east winds.

Out the last two days with my good friend Ed. Dries of all description are working very well as are spiders fished just below the surface like waterhen bloa and snipe and purple.

There are many herling around this year which is always a good sign with one or two bigger fish to around four pounds amoung them.

There are the odd salmon nosing their way in on the lower beats, we could do with a little lift right now.

There is more to fishing than catching fish sometimes, ask this fella!