Friday, 7 May 2010

River Eden

What a difference a day makes! (for the worse I might add). Today the north wind was still very evident and quite sharp at times, there were hatches of olives mid day and it looks like the grannom are grinding to a halt now. Had a good kick sample and found plenty of invertabrates on the bed for later in the season. The fish just did not want to know after 10am this morning, there were a few tentative takes after then but nothing converted.

Mervin and James really did their level best and did nothing wrong, it was just a day when it was not going to happen. The worse case scenario was we all had some fresh air, good scenery, a natter and enjoyed casting. The afternoon got very bright and with the low clear water we were on a hiding to nothing.

I have not seen a salmon show for around three days now, the water is extremely low and the tides are small, I think we need some rain soon!

James and Mervin.