Monday, 22 July 2013


There are enough sea trout on the lower beats to keep most nocturnal anglers interested, floating lines and small flies early on at dark followed by some larger singles after midnight seems to be working well. There are a lot of frustrated salmon on the tidal parts waiting for a rise of water to move on, they are very reluctant to take any sort of offerings at present. Big tides this week may help move some fish around the lower river. Very low levels of water at present with water temperatures really too high for consistent sport, the weather is due to break at some point this week hopefully.


It has been a very difficult last few days on the river, there have been small windows of opportunity when the sky becomes overcast. Very small spiders like Snipe and Purple and tiny Partridge and Red on very long leaders were the most effective techniques.


On the river with Catherine who was great company and a total beginner, a fantastic job done in the conditions we had.


I think the smile says it all, five fish and a couple lost and quite a few missed, very impressive!


All fish returned safely, a wonderful day!