Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Tweed salmon course

Tweed 002

Illtyd Griffiths, Neil Truelove and myself have been running salmon courses on the river Tweed at Tweedswood for quite some time now. They are always very enjoyable with good company from the group, very good accommodation with good food at the Buccleuch  Hotel in St Boswells in which also there is an ample tackle shop in the town. The bridge in the picture above with Peter Gavan fishing below host a peregrines home and it is fascinating to watch their hunting antics on a daily basis.

Kevin Ray

The beat has a very comfortable lodge with electric and W.C and the ghillie Kevin Patterson is second to none.

Tweed 032

The water remained a little high due to the incessant rainfall through September, the fish moving through the beats rapidly never stopping for long. There is a boat for anyone wishing to try something different


There are plenty of pools and the beat has both banks.


Everyone made great improvements with the Spey casting and fishing tactics.

Tweed 011

Illtyd and Peter

Tweed 021

Last year was the opposite conditions with low water and hundreds of fish in the pools.

Tweed 036

A fantastic BBQ was cooked by Kevin Patterson for lunch

Tweed 016

An excellent group that got along with everyone just fine


All the pools are easily accessible


The scenery is fantastic, but like most things in nature we cannot always give the weather and fish an agenda to follow

Tweed 019

Due to the very unsettled conditions the whole Tweed system was struggling that week. Nevertheless everyone had great fun and went away with plenty of positives, new skills and friends. A big thank you to all that attended, it was a great pleasure and privilege to have had your very good company.

Next year will be the same time and place, hopefully with lower water conditions -