Friday, 15 June 2012

Very unsettled weather.

9th June, persistent heavy rain overnight has raised the river level by three feet and with much colour after being low for so long. The middle river began dropping the following day but still with a little colour, the trout began to rise by the afternoon and a few salmon moving through the beats. The lower river remained at a steady height, not much fishing happening there.

Middle eden

The 11th June and the water is now clearing in the middle river but still holding a heavy peat tinge. The brown trout fishing is difficult at present with the cool wind and water temperature at 56oF, but not impossible. The following day the 12th remained very much the same story, very intermittent hatches and sporadic activity. The river needs a good flush through just get rid of the peaty water, with these small floods it takes an eternity for the colour to disappear.

Lower Eden

Very quiet during the day on the 13th with just the odd fish showing, good hatches at around 8pm with plenty of activity for those fishing on into the darkening. On the 14th very strong east winds building strength throughout the day, the barometer is falling and heavy rain on the way. Good activity during the evening again, small tides this week with a few fish entering the river. A challenging week on the river due to the weather patterns of late, the colour of the water and temperatures not sure where they should be for this time of the year.


The river level is at summer low and 58oF on the 15th; this will change during the weekend with the heavy rain due and hopefully reset the Eden with a good flush through. I have only heard of three salmon reported this week at 13 pounds, although there are certainly plenty in the river at present.