Friday, 22 October 2010

River Eden, Tweed and AAPGAI open day

I have been away for what seems like an age. The Eden finished it's salmon season on the 14th, I missed the last two days of it unfortunately but by all accounts I did not miss that much. Although conditions were about perfect for the last week it did not really develop, fish numbers were definitely down this autumn and I hope that this is just a blip in the whole scheme of things. Below are a couple of the pictures of fly fishing in the fog and it is the first time that I have seen success when there are these conditions.

Anglers are now turning their heads to the grayling fishing on the Eden, as long as the weather behaves, it is a beautiful time to be on the river. Those that are not venturing into Scotland where the fishing for salmon continues well into November will be in for a real treat with the condition of the grayling at this time of year. Not really my cup of tea that time of year in Scotland fishing for salmon where there are a lot of coloured fish; and many fallen leaves in the water that seem to keep you occupied for most of the day, (but I still go!).

The AAPGAI open day at Caer Beris Manor in Builth Wells was a great success on the weekend, there were many demonstrations covering fishing techniques, various casting workshops, one to one instruction and a lot of fun. This year Karl Humphries organised the event at short notice and did an excellent job, there was a good attendance and everyone looked after.

The next AAPGAI meeting and open day is the 23rd to the 26th March 2010 with the Open Day on the Saturday at Cockermouth -

Just got back from the Tweed at Tweedswood having spent three days there with my good friend Ed, a very nice venue to be and Kevin a superb Ghillie to be with, the water was a little low on the Monday but there certainly were plenty of fish about. I was very lucky and managed to get hold of six on the first day and landed just two, the takes were a little non-committal from the fish due to the conditions. By the Tuesday, there was an overnight frost which really dropped the water temperature and enhanced the clarity, along with very bright sunshine it was always going to be difficult, not a sniff! By Wednesday after another cold night and very cold and breezy day the fish now were in the deeper faster water, only with a very fast tip and three inch black and yellow tube did we get a result.