Saturday, 31 May 2014


There have been some phenomenal hatches of fly life on the Eden for the middle of the month. It certainly has been quite a few seasons since there has been this much activity, on the middle river there were also the true mayflies (Danica) coming off the water in good numbers, brook duns and all kinds of olive and sedge.

Tay13 015

The brown trout fishing is in very good shape at present which could be spoiled this week if the heavy showers persist putting too much colour and height to the water. There are salmon thankfully on the move again this week after such a quiet period and there have been a few taken up to twenty pounds, some with sea lice. Water temperature 14oC/57oF.


The last week of May the water is carrying some colour from heavy showers on the 26th and a small lift of levels. Very quiet at present with salmon activity with just the odd fish showing here and there when there should be good numbers in the system at this time. This is happening not just on the Eden but most other rivers too, a little concerning to say the least.


The 31st of May the water is at six inches, clear with a peaty tint on the middle and lower river, the hatches during the day are slowing down and the main of the action is now toward the evening time with some very good size trout feeding hard.


I have had the pleasure of some very nice people of late!


Some good weather,


Some good friends,


Some good fun,


Some good scenery,


Long may it last!