Thursday, 24 April 2014


With the lower water levels and water temperature at 59oF the trout fishing has improved dramatically with fish averaging just over the pound stamp. It is only when the wind decides to come from the north and east that the action slows somewhat, in a westerly wind the sport is superb. Good hatches of grannom at present and the fish are going berserk for them, dark olives are tapering off now and olive uprights are appearing along with the odd brook dun. There seems to be plenty of small sea trout coming into the Eden the last week or so, mostly up to around the two pound mark and the occasional heavy fish, it is very good to see them this early and as far up as Lazonby.

The salmon fishing has been pretty good for the small amount of fishing pressure on the river, not big runs of fish but a steady trickle off most tides which is encouraging. There have been some good fish taken on the fly and the average is around ten pounds and high up as Waters Meet. The levels on the 24th are at summer height with a little rain forecast which may liven things up.

On the river today with David, we had a great time and the weather was just perfect.


A little dry fly and some nymphing.


Got the desired result with a couple of nice sea trout.


Good activity during the morning period and slowing down in the afternoon. Some very nice casting performed by David, a pleasure to be with!