Wednesday, 18 September 2013


The levels rose to around three feet after the rain and high winds on the 15th, the Eden was unfishable throughout the day of the 16th, by the following day the middle beats came in to good fly fishing order. The lower river cleared although with a peat stain and the levels dropped on the 18th, a good fly water. Now that the Eden has the perfect water conditions that every angler would hope for during this period of September, the autumn run still disappointingly has not materialised yet. There are the odd salmon being taken on all beats on the river but there are just not the numbers of fish arriving that there should be.

4 019

There was a good hatch of large dark olives today on the river during a brisk and cool north-west wind, the trout did not seem as interested as I was though. The water temperature is at 50oF.

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