Thursday, 15 August 2013


Showers are keeping the levels steady but clear week beginning the 12th. The trout and grayling fishing is requiring some attention to get results as the sport has turned sporadic at present. Very little in the way of insect activity, more stone fly coming off the water this week than anything else.


The grilse are starting to arrive in very good numbers, every day we are seeing good fish movements through the lower pools. Smallish flies are the order of the day, size 12 Boyo, Ally Shrimp, Cascade working well on sink tips and worked, these fish are in the pool one minute and away upstream the next. Much rain on the 15th may spoil the river if it persist long enough, big fish movements on this day and all day maybe due to the pending rise of water due. Small tides this week, overcast skies and showers, good conditions at present.

Out with Tim today on the lower Eden, with good conditions, good company and with some nice casting happening it was a pleasure to be there.


It was only going to be a matter of time with the amount of fish going through the pools that something was going to happen, two fish jumped in front of Tim which he could have caught had he had a hand free.


A cast fished square with no mend and worked seemed to have the desired effect.


Nice grilse Tim!