Friday, 3 May 2013


The weather is certainly warming up at last. Good hatches of Grannom around the mid-day period along with many olives and the odd false March Brown. In the more sheltered pools out of the south westerly wind that has a little nip to it the rises are good.


Quite an improvement in salmon numbers now entering the Eden, every tide there are signs of running fish. The largest salmon so far to the fly being seventeen pounds and there have been several in the low teens also. Herling starting to come and sea trout to around three pound are now making a presence which is always a welcome sign.


Out on the river with Heidi Williams for two days, what a wonderful time it was with great weather and copious amounts of enthusiasm. A strange time it was fish-wise, in the morning they were full on and by late lunch sulking!


The river was in great order and so was the Spey casting.


An absolute pleasure!

I received a lovely letter from Dave Hollick today,

I am Dave Hollick and I fish Mr Carr's Crosby beat on the Eden
most Thursdays with my father Frank Hollick, who has fished 
there for over 20 yrs. 
However I live in Edinburgh, so I am an avid 
reader of your blog to try and keep up to date with
what is happening. I hope the following is of interest 
and also to try and redress the information flow just a 
little bit; Australia  1  England 1
I took my daughter's partner, Derek Detheridge fishing
for thefirst time on Thursday 2.5.13, they were visiting 
from Brisbane. 
My father was gillie for the day.
Derek had never fished for salmon before so I started him off 
in Crosby pool with a flying C, no luck. After lunch he 
decided he wanted to try fly-fishing so he got hold of my 
15 foot rod and after an hour in Hall stream was starting to 
get the hang of it, but no luck.
mobile Pics 1 193So we moved to the Crosby Rocks, I went down first with my fathers
fly rod, to try to get a take for Derek to play - no luck. 
Then Derek followed me down and after 20 mins he was into a fish 
- no it was the bottom. however 5 minutes later, about 2.30pm. 
Another shout from Derek "I really do think it is a fish this time! 
It was a superb 11 lb fresh springer which he eventually 
landed with plenty of coaching from the gillie! 
He was on cloud 9. 
mobile Pics 1 199
The pressure was now on. After half an hour I was lucky 
enough to level the score with  the first springer I have 
caught on the Eden, a fantastic 14 lb fish which 
took 15 minutes to land. 

mobile Pics 1 213 
Both fish were return in great condition and all 3 of us went home to 
celebrate the score draw!

Best Regards

Dave Hollick