Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Incredibly enough with all the heavy rainfall, the Annan on Monday was at a very nice height for fly fishing, the water was clear and quite a few fish in the pools. John and Alan joined me on the river at Kirkwood my new Monday beat, apart from one fish which followed John’s fly and turned away at the last second the salmon were very hard to please that day.

JT 001

These sort of days when fish are not in the taking mood are never wasted, John’s Spey casting went from strength to strength, it was a new venue and a new experience.

JT 004

For Alan it was his first time out with a double hander, which sometimes can be a little daunting at first, he made good progress.

JT 007 

It was good company, good weather, a nice river in good condition and fish showing, with the autumn low sun, flocks of busy rooks, skeins of geese and the wonderful colours on the trees, just priceless!

Looking forward to the salmon school next week -