Monday, 16 July 2012


By the 13th the middle river had dropped and cleared enough to fish the fly, the lower river remains with a heavy peat colour and two foot above summer level. A few fish taken up to the mid teens above Armathwaite with sea lice, there are some good movements of salmon. One or two on the lower river to the spinner and worm, not yet quite a fly fishing clarity but clearing all the time.

Eden 004

The 14th saw much better conditions up and down the river, with two dry days in a row things are looking up. The salmon that are seen are moving through the beats rapidly stopping only briefly. The trout fishing is slow during the day with much better prospects toward the evening; the hatches are slow this week.


The river now is in excellent ply on the 15th. There have been that many rises of water over the last two months the river bed is now nicely scoured and an easy wade. Still the odd salmon coming to the fly as they are moving through the beats quickly, the river is shaping up nicely. I had a great weekend with two friends on the middle Eden, David and Bob who were fantastic company, the weather was very kind and the river in good order.


Another “twenty” taken from one of the beats above Carlisle on the 16th, also a few smaller fish turning up, they just keep coming. More rain forecast tomorrow for Cumbria, let us hope it is not as bad as the weather forecasters say it is going to be. Tides are building up this week.

The Lowther show is the weekend of the 11th and 12th August, come and visit the “fishing island” where there will be plenty to entertain you all.