Thursday, 12 May 2011

River Eden

The weather is more like early April now, and April was like late May, water temperature 58oF and the air 54oF. The fishing is turning a little sporadic at present with the unsettled weather, first a dry east wind, then west winds bringing sharp showers. The hatches are reflecting this and thus the fish behaviour, even so it is always a great pleasure to be out on such a beautiful river as the Eden.



With the showers has come a small rise in water levels, the river was very low last wek and now we have around five inches on that. There are a few salmon nosing in and a couple have been tempted, also one or two nice seas trout.


To get things going now we need some sustained rain which is forecast shortly, just to give the river a quick flush through to get rid of the algae. This will then kick the salmon movements off and hopefully some predictable sport, most action at the moment it is all toward evening time.

Had some very good company this week, had a great time,  had good fun, long may it last!
A good movement of smolts has been going on for the past couple of weeks, there seems to be more around than the last few years which is very encouraging. I am of the the Tay on Sunday running a salmon course with Illtyd Griffiths and Bob Sherwood, although I will enjoy those three days, I will certainly miss the Eden.