Saturday, 31 July 2010

River Eden

The last day of July and still the grilse have failed to materialise in any numbers, there are a few fish about but for an absolutely perfect water you would think there would be more. Yesterday was a pretty good day with quite a few salmon taken up and down the river, but today... This is just a fact of life when salmon fishing, you take the good days along with the bad, and the worse thing about it is that you have still enjoyed the day out whatever happens, how bad can that be?

Phil joined me today on the lower river, I must say that I really enjoyed Phil's casting, enthusiasm  and craic, we did see a couple of fish show in the deeper sections just before the tide but nothing in the runs, and even the trout have gone quiet of late.

Carlisle Angling Association yesterday provided a junior day on the Eden at Rickerby Park, it was certainly well attended with almost one hundred participants who were fly casting, fishing and fly tying, food was laid on for everyone, I think a good day was had by all and many thanks to CAA for that.