Monday, 19 July 2010

River Eden

Just as the river was shaping up nicely with a few fish running the heavens opened last night and today we have a dirty flood. At least it is a good one that will flush the remaining debris away. Fortunately I will miss the big and coloured water as I am on the Dovey for three days fishing with my good friend Illtyd. I was out with a good friend of mine Alexander on Sunday on the middle river and the water was a perfect height with a little tint to it, Alexander contacted a fish on a Boyo fly size eight, which promptly came off unfortunately.

Got to say though Alexander's Spey casting was quite exceptional for having three years off the river. We had to cancel today because of the high water and Alexander will try again tomorrow, good luck to him. The grilse run should begin this coming week when the water clears a little all being well.