Wednesday, 14 July 2010

River Eden

These bands of rain passing over the county have put a little fresh water and oxygen into the river and the temperature is now at a comfortable 60oF. A few salmon at the lower end of the Eden, my very good friend Ed managed to winkle one out on the fly early this week so there must have been a lot in the pool!
There are some heavy showers over Cumbria as we speak and hopefully this will give the Eden a good rise to wash the remaining algae growth away to give the river a clean start.
There seems to be more sea trout around this year than of late which is good news.
Big tides due to a new moon approaching this week are pushing the river back upstream and rising levels by three feet or more, this does help the fish in and we often get wet weather at new and full moon phases, maybe some fish will run on this. We do need some salmon to get up to the middle river.
Andrew joined me today on the middle river, and unlike yesterday when the barometer was falling and the fishing was slow, today mid morning it was on the rise and he managed a good trout and missing a couple more.