Thursday, 25 March 2010

River Eden

The conditions and weather for two day salmon course with Jim Curry and myself held at the Warwick Hall beat on the Eden really could not have been better. The group were great fun and very enthusiastic with everyone getting either a fish or a good pull. Steve on the first day had the line stripped off his reel as the fish took off upstream at an alarming rate before a severe leader failure occured.

On the first day the river level was at one foot above summer level with a slight tint, on the second day with rain from the night before it had risen five inches.

Everyone by the second day were casting very nicely and effectively covering the water well.

All enjoyed the stay at Warwick hall so thanks to val, Nick and Charley.

Quite a number of new fish entered the beat during the afternoon with the rise of water which was encouraging.

Great fun and a wonderful two day's.