Thursday, 12 September 2013


The river rose around two feet during the afternoon of the 6th with some colour and continued in that state through the 7th. By the 8th the middle beats were in a good fly fishing order, the beats below the river Irthing were still holding some colour. There were several fish reported up and down the river with a small run going through, notably two of twenty and twenty two pounds in the Carlisle area and a few in the teens of pounds. Just a reminder that all hen fish are to be released from the 10th of this month and any coloured fish that are caught, if in doubt put it back. Cooler winds now from the north-west, temperatures are falling. The 12th of the month and the lower beats are in great fly fishing ply, it would seem that most of the salmon have moved upstream on the last rise. The tides are bringing a few fish in but not the numbers that are expected for the time of the season and with such good conditions. More rain forecast over the next few days which will raise levels and hopefully turn the situation around.


Out with my good friend Tom today on the lower Eden, although there were not too many fish in attendance he did manage to winkle one out on the fly called a Kyle.


A very small fly with long leader on an eight weight outfit.


A fresh grilse of five pounds returned.