Monday, 8 April 2013


The conditions remain the same during the week now the 8th April. The east, south east wind is still with us and keeping air temperatures on the low side. When the wind speed does drop and the air warms a few degrees to around 5 to 7oC, the hatches of olives begin and sport with the trout soon follows. Everything seems to do the job when this happens, nymphs, spiders and all types of dry around size 14, the fish are going berserk during the hatch time. Regular kick samples we are doing are just beyond belief with the amount of invertebrate life on the river bed yet to come up.

Rain is forecast at some point this week and the wind direction is set to change. For the salmon angler at present it is stale mate, the weather pattern is a very necessary change needed now to get the ball rolling. I cannot remember the main spring salmon run ever being so late to enter the Eden along with the sand martins who should have arrived two weeks ago, there is still time yet.