Friday, 25 May 2012

Totally tropical!

May 21st: a very warm day with temperatures reaching 20oC, bright cloudless skies and low clear water were making the daytime fishing challenging. Hatches are hard to find during the middle of the day and fishing into the evening or an early start is more productive. There are still good mid day trout to be had for the persistent dry fly fisher, a much easier task though on the nymphs.Peter

May22nd; a much warmer day and clear skies, the river is now at summer low. The trout fishing is slow but not impossible in the more broken water. Good numbers of small sea trout coming off the tide which is encouraging, the nights now are warm enough to have a go. Anglers are still picking away at the salmon, it is hard to find one under ten pounds!

Lower Eden

May 23rd; a carbon copy of the day before, smaller tides in the afternoon with a few fish entering, probably more salmon are coming on the night tides.

Lower Eden

May 24th; the fishing for all species during the day light hours is tough. It is getting warmer, with air temperatures now at 24oC and mild nights the water is warming rapidly. Water temperature is now 58oF.

Lower Eden

May 25; 26oC today and everything has seemed to shut down, that critical point where nothing moves is almost there with the water at 62.5 in the morning rising to 67oF by the afternoon. There is cooler but still dry weather forecast next week which should kick things back into action. There are plenty of fish in the river, good stocks of trout and certainly plenty of salmon; cooler water required.