Thursday, 16 February 2012

River Eden

Quite a cold snap across Cumbria for the fist week of February, there is ice in the margins and the daytime air temperature on occasions not exceeding the water temperature of 2oC. The fishing is not great at present for either grayling or salmon with these very cool conditions.

Tide 012
The second week has been a little milder and this has got the grayling interested, some very nice fish around the two pound mark are showing up and it is also good to see some smaller weight class. There is still no sign of any numbers of kelts on the river; usually at this time of the year the lower river is heavily populated with them. Have they all gone or are they still to drop down? There were certainly plenty of fish that went up the river last year.

Mark 160212 027
13th February; the weather has turned markedly mild, the river is in fine order and running at just above summer level, it is 5oC and clear. There have been small hatches of Large Dark Olive during the afternoons; the air temperatures are now climbing to near double figures. With the slightly warmer weather, grayling are showing a little more interest, bug type flies fished near the bottom are proving the most effective.

Mark 160212 026